Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ready to Fill In the Missing Dates

Jackson's due date is Friday. Tomorrow our birth mom goes to the doctor and hopefully we will have some sort of a game plan. A date for her to be induced if little man decides to be stubborn and stay in the oven a bit too long.
John and I are biting at the bit to get the call. I realize there's a good chance  they may have to induce, but I am really hoping she will just go into labor. I want the surprise. The phone call in the middle of the night (or whenever it happens).
Anyway...I've been looking at birth announcements, washing a few Christmas outfits to prepare for our Christmas baby and trying to enjoy the last few days of life without a kiddo.
Here's how our adoption has played out up until this point - so ready to fill in those last few dates.

7.6.11 - A coworker approached me to ask if I was interested in adopting a baby from a young girl who was currently living at the Mission where I work.

7.26.11 - John and I met with the young girl and let her know that we were interested in adopting her baby.

7.28.11 - John and I met with an adoption attorney

7.29.11 - Submitted paperwork to the attorney to get the ball rolling

8.20.11 - Shared the news with my family!

8.24.11 - We got the go ahead from the board at my job to pursue the adoption!

8.25.11 - We shared the news with John's family!

9.13.11 - Went to the sonogram with our birth mom and found out IT'S A BOY!!!!

10.11.11 - John and I signed the adoption petition

10.12.11 - Adoption Petition was filed with the court

12.9.11 - Baby Jackson is due to arrive!!

?????? - Jackson's Birthday!

?????? - GOTCHA DAY! - Our adoption of Jackson is FINAL!

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  1. I can't wait to hear the rest of the story! Come on baby Jackson!