Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jackson's Pop

When we were asking our parents what they wanted to be called, my dad didn't really have a choice. If you include my dad, "Pop" has been the name for grandfathers for 4 generations - so of course Jackson needs a Pop.
I have literally been moved to tears watching my Dad with Jackson and by some of the text messages he has sent - wanting to know why we hadn't sent very many photos one day and the best one was his response to this photo I sent him

I wrote "Merry Christmas" and my dad's response made me cry. He wrote "he's a true gift of joy!" Talk about melt my heart....
I have always been a daddy's girl, so although I am just as thrilled that my mom is over the moon about Jackson's arrival, something about seeing my dad choke back tears at the hospital just tugs at my heartstrings more than I realized it would.
Maybe it's the fact that my dad had 2 girls and now he has a little guy to be his hunting buddy and wear camo, boots and jeans. I'm sure he will take him to Colorado and show him the mountains and look for moose. I'm sure that even though my dad said he would NEVER go back to Disney World (he took my sister and I 5 times) he will be first in line to It's a Small World when Jackson is old enough to meet Mickey Mouse.

Jackson already has Pop wrapped around his finger!

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