Sunday, December 4, 2011

Can't Sleep

It's 11:30 and I've been tossing and turning, eyes wide open for the last hour. I have a knot in my stomach and my mind is racing a hundred miles an hour. I decided to get out of bed and blog the crazy thoughts running through my head:
  • when will we get the call? Am I going to cry when we get the call? (probably...I almost tear up thinking about it.)
  • Will Jackson have hair?
  • Will he come before or after his due date?
  • Will our birth mom be okay?
  • Do I have everything I need in the diaper bag?
  • Is my ringer on (then I check my phone for the second or third time to make sure)
  • Will he be small enough to fit into newborn clothes? If not, I better throw some bigger ones in the diaper bag.
  • Good grief I am a big mess. I'm not even the one having to birth this baby and I am a nervous wreck
  • How can John be sleeping like a rock?
  • We have to get a pack and play....especially if we go to Texas for Christmas
  • I hope Story (our dog) is okay while we are at the hospital. She's kind of like a baby herself...her world is about to be rocked!
  • 6 a.m. is going to come way too early. I have to go to sleep.
  • Why am I not sleeping. My sleep schedule is about to be completely altered.
So now that I've written down some of the thoughts running through my head, I'm going to TRY and go to sleep (but I wouldn't be upset if the phone rings and we have to head to the hospital!)

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  1. I can relate totally!! Let me know if you figure out how to get some sleep. I still have 9 weeks of this... :-)