Monday, September 27, 2010

What Am I Willing To Sacrifice??

A few days ago, I learned an amazing lesson on sacrifice from a 13-year-old. My friend's daughter felt led to donate the money that she had been saving to our adoption fund. How humbling! I choked back tears when my friend told me of her daughter's sacrifice for a child she doesn't even know.
Lately I have felt the Lord has ask me what I am willing to sacrifice to meet the financial needs of this adoption. With every Bible study I do, every sermon I hear and book I read, a common theme remains: sacrifice, not finding my security in the things of this world, stepping out of my comfort zone to be radical for God.
For several weeks I have felt God nudging me to sale my wedding ring. I'm almost ashamed to admit that it's worth enough to finish this first phase of fundraising for the initial cost of the adoption. At one time, I was so determined to have a big "rock" on my finger that I didn't care what it cost (or what it cost John). Now I am so determined to bring this baby home that I can't imagine choosing my ring over the child that God has chosen for John and I.
But that doesn't mean that I don't battle with my "flesh" over selling my ring. After all, it IS my wedding ring. John had it made especially for me and there are great memories attached to it (including the proposal on the beach in Maui). But I have to remind myself that it's just a ring; a material possession that has no eternal value.
On the other hand, this child that God has hand-picked for our family and this adoption have significant eternal value.
This journey is all about bringing glory to God; all about furthering His kingdom.
Sunday at church we studied the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30).
We learned that talents are God given opportunities used to further His kingdom. God's pleasure does not depend on how many opportunities (talents) we are given, just that we don't waste the opportunities that we do have.
I have the opportunity to make a sacrifice that will have an eternal impact on a child. A sacrifice that will also have an eternal impact on John and I - and possibly an impact on many other people who witness God's Glory through this adoption. What if our story leads someone to Christ?? What if it is only because of our adoption that this child hears about Jesus?? Eternal Value!
"Sacrifice is giving away what it hurts to give..." but we must remember "God is committed to providing abundant resources in support of those who are living according to His purpose" (David Platt)
"I have a choice. I can cling to short term treasures that I can not keep, or I can live for long term treasures that I cannot lose: people coming to Christ; men, women and children living because they now have food; unreached tribes receiving the gospel. And the all-consuming satisfaction of knowing and experiencing Christ as the treasure above all others" (Platt).
My prayer is that I will be obedient to what God is asking me to do. That I'll make this sacrifice and "not be content to settle for less than radical obedience to Him."

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