Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is It Too Soon To Start Decorating the Nursery???

I intended to write a blog on sacrifice today - what the Lord is asking me to sacrifice for this adoption. I will have to write about that tomorrow. Today I am super excited about the artwork I discovered this weekend.....I SO want these paintings to hang in our nursery! (They're the three canvases labeled original pieces).
Aren't they super???
The artist is from Ada, Oklahoma and all the proceeds from her art sales benefit her families adoption...
Today I have been planning how to decorate the nursery around these three paintings!!! Is it too soon to start decorating???
They are just fabulous.....
Check out "Custom Art For Our Cause" at


  1. WOW...thank you so much!!!! As I was reading it my husband I laughed when I read "the artist is from..." I guess I have never considered myself an artist so that just made me feel so special! I am so excited to do these for you, you just tell me the colors you would like and if there are some personal touches..names, words, images, etc you want me to put in. Can't wait!!!

  2. Hi there!! I found you thru Joely's blog...glad to "meet" some other Okies adopting from Africa!! Love it!! :)

  3. Kelly's so nice to "meet" you too. I am just loving meeting new people through all the adoption blogs! Where in Oklahoma are you from?? I will have to check out your blog today...