Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Little Man!

This photo says it all! Jackson no longer wants to smile. He has a new talent of blowing crazy bubbles and spraying you like crazy! Nothing like a shower of spit from your 6 month old! This morning that's all he wanted to do...his facial expressions are priceless! Happy 1/2 Birthday Little Man!

A few other highlights from the past month:
  • Jackson started eating veggies and HATED my home cooking! Once we switched to good ol' Gerber, he ate EVERYTHING....He's now eating fruits and veggies and there isn't a thing he's turned his nose up at.
  • He loves his toy crab and tries to eat it's eyeballs.
  • He can hold his bottle and is now drinking from a sippee cup
  • He took his first trip to the St. Louis and OKC zoo
  • He can reach and grab things really well. Especially his paci, which he just pops right into his mouth, but for the most part he likes to turn it sideways and gnaw on it.
  • He can sit up on his own for several minutes at a time. He's still a little top heavy, but he's getting better each day.
  • He loves to splash in his kiddy pool.
  • He got strep throat! Boo!
Here's a few more photos from our little photo shoot this morning. Once again, no big smiles, but many faces I want to always remember!

 I love how Jackson puts one finger in his mouth and chews on it....
 Watch out for spit....

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