Monday, February 6, 2012

One Step Closer

John and I had to go to court this morning so that Jackson's birth parents rights could be terminated. It was a pretty quick process and we are now one step closer to our adoption being final. We will have another court date in a few weeks and that will be our official Gotcha Day! Then I can finally send out Jackson's birth announcements. I've been waiting so that I can include his Gotcha Day because it's such an important day! It will be a day we celebrate every single year.
This morning I was once again reminded of God's faithfulness as I sat in the courtroom. My biggest fear throughout this process has been if the birthfather would try and keep us from adopting Jackson. He hasn't even been an issue and he didn't show up to court today.
I fought back tears as I listened to the judge ask our birth mom if she understood that relinquishing her rights was a permanent decision. She said she fully understood the decision she was making. When asked if she thought adoption was what was best for Jackson she said yes. Never a single sign of emotion. Confident in what she had to do.
I couldn't get home fast enough go love on my sweet boy! As he slept on my chest this afternoon, I once again thanked God for him and whispered how much I loved him. He will never know just how much he is loved, not only by John and I, but by his birth mom too.

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  1. What a bittersweet day. Prayers for you all!