Sunday, February 5, 2012

It Was ALMOST a Surprise...

John has never been able to surprise me. It's mostly my fault. I am a big snoop. It's like an adventure for me to try and find out what my birthday/Christmas presents are. I have been known to open and re wrap Christmas gifts. Don't judge me! :)
Usually when February 1st comes around I am on the count down until my birthday, reminding John each day that there's only so many days left until my birthday. This year my mind has been a bit consumed so I haven't been as annoying with the everyday reminders, but I definitely wanted something special to happen for my 30th Birthday.
John ALMOST had me. But then he made a big mistake by asking me to update his Facebook page with new photos of Jackson. That's when I discovered he was planning a surprise party for me. Busted! I have to admit I actually felt guilty that I had found out and I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I admitted to him that I knew.
So on Saturday my sister and cousin took me to the mall to get me out of the house so that John could prepare for the "surprise" party.
When I walked in the door I was REALLY surprised - not only had John's parents and sister flown in from St. Louis, but my parents were here too! That was a huge deal because my mom had chemo about a week and half ago and had been feeling really yucky all last week. So in a way, John did surprise me!
My parents and sister put together an awesome gift basket with 30 of my favorite things from the past 30 years. The items included:

1. "Oatmeal" with Granny - what I really wanted that day at McDonalds was a Happy Meal but my Granny couldn't understand what I was asking for.
2. MCDonalds Happy Meal Box with Gift Cards to McDonalds
3. G-Dad's Table - the coffee table I have is one my grandfather built and I sat around to eat as a little girl.
4. Meme's Mashed Potato's - nobody has ever made mashed potatoes as good as my great-grandmother's.
5. Grilling with Pop
6. Chicken Express Gift Card
7. Whataburger Gift Card
8. My pass to Disney World from years ago because I love Disney
9. Tervis Tumbler - my favorite drinking glass
10. Garth Brooks Ultimate CD - I had a huge Garth Brooks fetish as a girl. My parents stood in line with me for 8 hours to see him in concert in Nashville.
11. A roll of 100 stamps because I love sending cards
12. Notecards
13. Bath Gel - I love taking baths
14. Blueberry Waffles - I especially loved Care Bear waffles as a young girl.
15. Blueberry syrup for my Care Bear waffles
16. new pajamas
17. Winnie the Pooh
18. Bath and Body Works lotion and soap
19. Reeces Peanut Butter Cups
20. TOMS (got a snazzy pair of silver sparkle ones!)
21. A brand new box of Crayons
22. Coloring Book
23. Care Bears DVD
24. Smurfs DVD
25. Pens because I love office supplies
26. journal - I have always kept a journal and I am a writer
27. Cabbage Patch Doll
28. Cupcake Liners - I love all things cupcake!
29. Dublin Dr Pepper
30. A new shower head (this was kind of random....)

Here are a few photos from the party. I didn't get as many as I would have liked. It's hard to take a lot of photos when the party is for you.

 Clint, Kathleen and Lyla celebrated with me
 My yummy cupcakes. Red Velvet was one of the flavors of course!
 Tim and Jennifer
 Gifts including the basket of 30 favorite things
 Me, Kathleen and Lyla
 A glimpse at my favorite things...
 The girls from small group - Stacia, Avi, Sarah and Kelci
 Justin and Jessica
 The party wore Story out
 Ella in her Pooh Ears
 My family after the party...
 John's Family
Little Man wearing his Pooh Ears at the party

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