Friday, February 24, 2012

The BIG 30!

Yesterday I said goodbye to my 20's and hello to 30! Unlike my husband, who had a conniption when he turned 30, I am actually pretty excited about this new decade! I pray that the next 10 years will be lived for God's glory. That I will grow closer to my Savior and cherish each moment He gives me. I kind of did a lot of my own things in my 20's. :)
Here's a list of my 30 favorite things at the moment and a few photos from my birthday dinner last night!

1. When Jackson smiles at me.
2. Pedicures
3. Beth Moore Bible studies
4. All things cupcake! Eating them, baking them - especially Red Velvet!
5. Baking
6. Dr Pepper - especially Classic 50's DP
7. Pajamas
9. Grey's Anatomy
10. Jesus!
11. Hawaii - counting down until I go back this time next year! John and I will renew our wedding vows on the same island we got engaged!
12. Adoption
13. Ethiopia
14. Story (my Yorkie!)
15. Singing
16. Banana Splits
17. Taking pictures
18. Scrapbooking - even though I don't do it as much as I used to.
19. Target
20. Blogging
21. Sunday Naps - those don't happen much anymore...
22. Hugs from the kids at the Mission
23. Checking the mail and finding a card inside the mailbox
24. Sending cards to people
25. Tulips in the spring
26. FALL!!
27. Christmas music!
28. A clean house...another thing that doesn't happen as much as it did before having a baby!
29. Long, hot, baths
30. Reading to and rocking Jackson

 Jessica, Justin, Shellie and I at my birthday dinner...great times with great friends and a lot of laughs! A wonderful way to end the day!
 Me, Jackson and Jennifer
 John and I
Justin feeding the Little Burrito - that's the nickname he gave Jackson right after he was born! It's stuck!

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