Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yesterday was a GREAT Day....

I pray a lot on my drive to work each morning. Yesterday I was praying for our friends Ben and Rebecca. They have been waiting for a referral from Ethiopia for almost 17 months. I can't imagine....(but I guess I will in about 12 months when I'm still waiting....)

Anyway...I got a text message from my friend Kathleen yesterday that said "Rebecca is getting her referral RIGHT now!" Praise Jesus! I was jumping for joy! Kathleen just happened to e-mail Rebecca to let her know she was thinking and praying for her during this wait and Rebecca wrote back that they were getting their referral at. that. EXACT. moment! Holy Moly!
I immediately e-mailed and text Rebecca that I was BEYOND excited! In just a bit I got a text from Rebecca that included the most precious 14-month old face. A GIRL!!! A SWEET, AMAZING GIRL!!!
God is SO good! I've just been giddy with excitement for the Winters! Will you go over to their blog and congratulate them? You can do it here!
Seeing the face of their sweet girl makes me anticipate the day we get our referral. I can't wait for the phone to ring and see the faces of our kiddos. Hearing Rebecca's news gives me hope. We will have our Ethiopian children soon - in God's perfect timing.
Thanks Rebecca for being such a shining example of someone who perseveres. Who doesn't give up! Who trusts in a pretty Awesome God. SO excited for you friend!!!!

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  1. Thanks for celebrating with us! I'm still in a little bit of shock! A GIRL!!