Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Vacation In Pictures...

John and I spent 9 glorious days soaking in the sunshine and listening to the waves crash in sunny Florida. We were blessed with a free place to stay thanks to Matt and Sarah's aunt and uncle who have a condo right on the beach. Here are just a few pictures from our week.....

 John and I the first day we hit the beach. My poor hubby has to wear a swim shirt or he'll end up looking like a lobster. I, on the other hand, was blessed with skin that turns bronze. Thank you Lord!
 We woke up super early our first morning at the beach and watched the sun rise. Look at the amazing waves. It was beautiful. We also walked 5 miles up the shore that morning and collected some pretty cool sea shells.
 I ate ice cream several times during our trip. There was a great place called Treats on the Beach and they had some yummy ice cream. My favorite was peach and pina coloda swirl. Yum!
 John and I drove to Daytona Beach one morning. I went there many times as a little girl because my great grandmother (Mom Jackson) lived there.
 My Mom Jackson actually lived on this street. Riverside Drive. John and I drove up and down the street looking for her house, but I am not sure it's still there. Maybe I just didn't recognize it since it's been 20+ years since I was actually there.
 This flower is just a reminder of how awesome God is! I just love these...they had red, yellow, orange and pink and they were gorgeous!
 John and I got dressed up to spend the day in St. Augustine. It was one of the best parts of my week. I really enjoyed St. Augustine and would love to go back there. The town had such great character.
 This is my dinner from the Rain Tree in St. Augustine. It was amazing! The dessert was pretty fabulous too!
 This is the place we ate in St. Augustine. It was in this old house. Such a great atmosphere, such great food!
Sarah and I at the beach

John, Matt and Sarah went on a deep sea fishing trip. This is me with them before I bailed! They caught a ton of fish and John tied for catching the biggest fish that day! I hate fish - at least I thought I did. But I ate the grouper, sea bass and trigger fish that they caught and liked it ALL. I would eat fish everyday if I could get it that fresh!
John with his prize winning fish!

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  1. Ok, now *that* is a perfect vacation. Sun, beach, sand and warm water--nothing better than that. Looks like you had a blast! And yes, you are very lucky to have skin that actually tans--my hubs does as well and I'm so jealous!! Looks like fun!